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8 Fastest Web Hosting Providers – What The Fast(2020)

by Dibyajyoti

As you reached this page, you must be looking for a new host. But it’s not only fast, but it must also be best for your requirements. A ‘Best Webhost’ not only fast but also versatile and must provide the best uptime.

In 2020, even it bought 5G networks, it’s critical for websites to load blazing fast. As we saw website speed depends on so many factors, but the main factor is the host speed. If the host is down so is your site.

You might be thinking why speed is so necessary, right? As per google- speed is one most important ranking factor to rank in SERP. Bing developer recently stated that “waiting for 3 sec had a very bad impression for majority of users”, google developers also stated, “400 millisecond is frustrating for users”. You might think the average loading time for website is 6.9 sec as per Gtmetrix then why 3 sec is bad. Imagine yourself in that situation, I am sure that you also have pressed back button and visited another website for the same answer.

We already have 5 years of experience with different hosts, at this point we can suggest the best host but we wanted to go deeper so we tested the same website with different hosts from different locations.

Shortlisted Web Host With Average Load Time (in ms)

  • Wp Engine   320 ms
  • A2hosting Turbo350 ms
  • Hostgator420 ms
  • SiteGround490 ms
  • BlueHost500 ms
  • Cloudways520 ms
  • Kinsta600 ms
  • InMotion Hosting640 ms

Advantages of Fast Loading Website

Better ranking on SERPs over slow loading website.

  • Increase amount of time on website as users are comfortable browsing more.
  • Can add more contents and resources.
  • Higher conversion rate then slower website.
  • Be on the top in competition.

Rather then those advantages there are more to do with, as per a recent research “you could loose a $200,000 deal, a new donor to your charity, or a new fan, in just few seconds”

We will discuss about best hosts in the planets below;


Years ago Wp Engine started by developers who were obsessed for speed and still they are pushing the limit. “Nothing can slow down a website with better framework and light theme” one of developer added to interview when wpengine started rolling new genesis framework and themes. All premium themes come with the wp engine for free, and they are blazing fast. As we used Wp engine for last 2 years and it was awesome, whatever you have thousands visit per hour or millions, it just push the speed.

Plans are starting from $30/Mo on annual subscription or $35/Mo on Monthly subscription for basic pack with 25,000 visitors and 10GB Storage.

As the downside, Wp Engine can be costly if you are getting large number of visitors. But if your sites have really have high revue and every second counts then go for WpEngine.


When server is pushing all files at the time of request  without any delay, what can be slow? A2 hosting developed a turbo boost for managed hosting for 20X faster speed. We initially hosted our website with a2 and we really amazed by the speed. Although SSD hosting with lightspeed server  are pretty fast then others but A2 nailed it. The Cpanel is also very handy to manage website for both developers and beginners.

The plans are starting from only $3.92/mo for annual and $7.99/mo for annual subscription. There are hundreds of add-ons available for free and paid with A2 to make your website fast and secure. Choose A2 if you want your website faster, manage with cpanel and developer friendly environment.


It’s needless to mention that HostGator is the most experienced web hosting company and been here for about 20 years. Although they have known for one of the best reseller and dedicated server provider, they have very solid hosting for any kind of website. Hostgator cloud is one of the best hosting for speed and versatility for both starters and fully growth website.

Plans are starting from $2.75/mo for shared host and for wordpress $5.95/mo which comes with supercharged cloud, CDN, site cloners and much more. Choose HostGator for if you have massive website with huge audience.


One of the most respected host for wordpress and earned very good reputation  for the SiteGround Cache service. It use the memcached which load the website from the RAM instead of database. SG have been using SSD for best performance. As all premium host use SSD yet it’s extremely fast compared to the “old-school” way of doing things.

With SG hosting they integrate with the free CloudFlare CDN.While the CloudFlare CDN starts at free anywhere, it’s extra helpful to have it directly integrated into your host.

They combine a deep well of technical knowlege, with excellent customer service. We suggest choose SG if you like to have a dynamic sites with lots of resources to be compressed.

The basic plan start from $3.95/mo and we will suggest for growbig which offers more users count and local space.


Backed by Edurance Group and developed for beginners to expert. With unlimited resources and bandwidth, Bluehost is largest hosting company powering millions websites. On our test for year it perform very well with average response time of 140ms and 100% uptime. One of the best feature of bluehost is free migration from any server or providers. 

Bluehost pricing is surprisingly affordable. It has 4 shared hosting plans -from $3.95/mo while the most expensive one is $14.95/mo.

Bluehost have extra add-ons such as cloudflare CDN, SEO tools, etc. If you have large site with heavy bandwidth then VPS is better as have low density server and more space.


One of the very different hosting provider is cloudways. It doesn’t provide any server by itself only provide managed hosting from large SAAS providers. They are 

  • DigitalOcean
  • Linode
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform

Those premium host will provide 99.9% uptime and super scalable hosting, but only for developers. Cloudways made it for all with layers such as – 24/7 Support, Cloudways CDN, Cache, One Click WP installation, etc.

You can check plans by clicking here.


When you need speed for wordpress then choose kinsta. Its based on cloud server and totally on google cloud platform. After wpengine, kinsta one of the best host with almost same features and speed. But Kinsta have some features better then others such as Security, backups, panel, etc.

Pricing for starter pack starting from $30/mo and super scalable.

Those in the know are switching en masse from other hosts over to Kinsta. They’re worth a look.

Better speed on NGINX is possible only on inmotion hosting. All wordpress plans come with boldgrid backup and free wildcard SSL. We started two of our site with inmotion hosting as they are around here forever and until now they are performing very good. With multiple ISPs and DC they are the best SSD hosting.

Hosting comes with integrated google apps, cpanel and much more. The VPS hosting is better for both reseller and scalable hosting.

Plans are super affordable, starting from $6.99/mo although VPS are at $21.04/mo.

Click here to check exclusive offers by inmotion hosting.

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