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GoPro Hero 8 Black and GoPro Max: Features, Price, Buy Now

by Dibyajyoti

Probably you would expect very bad or shaky footage when you doing any adventure and shooting video with a camera, Right? It would be awesome if you can shoot without any shakiness and wide frame. But with new GoPro Hero 8 black, shooting at 4K and ultra-stable is now possible, thanks to the new hyper smooth 2. Its GoPro’s new flagship action camera which designed to connect to a new range of hardware add-ons.

After a somewhat leaky lead-up, GoPro has officially announced its Hero 8 Black action camera. Arriving alongside it is the new GoPro Max, a 360-degree video camera that takes over where the GoPro Fusion leaves off. The flagship Hero 8 Black shares the same GP1 processor and 12MP camera as its predecessor but, unlike the Hero 7 black, its features a number of chassis improvements, while the entire operating system has been rewritten to accommodate a range of software upgrades and new shooting abilities.

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Also now the camera body has also been redesigned to incorporate fold-out “finger” connector- allowing it to bolt the mount without having to first be put in a case. Allowing access SDcard, batteries and a USB-C connector at side.

HyperSmooth 2.0 offers expanded image stabilisation across all the shooting modes and frames rates on the Hero 8 Black, and the interface new capture Presents that allow you to customize shooting profiles and quickly swap between them. A range of improvements to image and timelapse processing should keep snappers happy. These include better HDR and night mode photo processing, a new raw photo format output and improved 100Mbps 2.7k and 4k bitrates.

Arriving with the Hero 8 Black is the new Max spherical video camera – a lighter and smaller version of the existing Fusion 360-degree snapper – and, like its flagship sibling, it gets the foldable arms for mounting onto tripods. The Max sees the return of the spherical audio capture using its built-in 6 microphone array, and also benefits from the Horizon Levelling and HyperSmooth 2.0 improvements seen in the Hero 8 Black. In fact, a lot of the Hero 8 Black features are available on the Max, including GoPro’s stabilised Timelapse photo mode, TimeWrap 2.0, along with a suite of software tools to allow you to shoot wide angles and flattened perspective without lens accessories. The Hero 8 Black’s standout feature is that you can now bolt-on 3 optional accessories: A shotgun microphone for improved audio, A small light to help in dim conditions, A flip-up screen, allowing self-shooters to frame themselves.


The camera includes built-in mount connectors that are magnetic, so they stay folded away when not in use. The regular GoPro app and the smartphone quick editor have been combined for more streamlined smartphone experience. The new android and ios compatible GoPro app allows you to control your Hero 8 Black or Max device and then download media, edit the clip and combine them into one of 10 editable movie themes, all from the one place. GoPro also allows it’s GoPro plus cloud storage subscription.

GoPro hero8 and max is now available to pre order at $399.99.

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