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How to Choose a Domain Name (Tips & Recommendations)

by Dibyajyoti

Choose a Domain Name That You Will Love!


When do you start planning to make a website, What is the first things that strike your mind?

I think Domain name is the first step you add to-do list, then others steps. Right? But even after you ready to buy a domain, yet you got another thing to-do. That is “How to choose a perfect domain name” to address your website.

Finding a domain name might stressful, but here is step by step guide to get this job done!

1. Choose a Brandable Domain Name

How boring would Amazon be if, Jeff Bezos decided to call it ‘Online Bookstore’ when he started the now-enormous eCommerce site? It might not have become the success it is today!

A creative and brandable name is always a better choice than something generic.

This is because a brand name is more memorable and can help you stand out from your competitors.

Of course, creating a brand name is easier said than done.

2. try for short and sweet

Always try to get an easy and short one, so anyone can remember it and easy to pronounce. The average letters of the domain name is 6. Make sure your letters count for your domain is around the average for the best result.

Think of the name you want get, then mix and match the words to create possible domain names. Choose one that sounds good and will be memorable.

Don’t be afraid to ask some friends what they like. That’s the best way to help choose your domain name!

3. Try for .com

Most of the time internet users assume .com when browsing. Having a .net, .info, .tv or any other extension puts another potential roadblock in the process of finding you.

About 75% Domains are registered with .com. It is still the preferred extension and the easiest to remember.Having said that, there are plenty of successful sites that use different tld, but a .com is a  very good idea .

Also, so many domain registrars proving .com domain free with their Web hosting or WordPress hosting.

Source: Domaintools

4. Use Appropriate keywords

Using your keywords in your domain is the best way to use targeted keyword(s). The more compact and closer to the beginning of your domain, the better.

But, if you can’t work a keyword in, they provide a very minimal boost to your SEO, if at all, and should be carefully weighed when you’re considering reworking your strategy to include them.

Ex- If you gonna make travel website, then use keyword “Travel or Tour” instead of anything else.

5. Don’t Use Hyphens or Numbers

Name one website you frequent that uses hyphens or numbers in its domain name.

Keep thinking …

So you found one or none.. I doubt it.

A website name should be immediately understandable and accessible. If you make use of the dreaded dash or even a number character, you will spend more time explaining how crucial it is that your potential visitor includes that when typing your web address and less time hyping your amazing new website. Also using hyphens/numbers can create visibility issues with search engines.

6. Make it future-proof

Your website is bound to change in many unique and interesting ways. Although your primary message may remain the same, the way you deliver it may not.

Once it’s set, you have it for years to come. If you decide later to rename it, then you will lose time, money, branding, and rankings. It’s  not recommend changing your domain once your blog has been live for any considerable amount of time.

So think for one and stick with it

In Doubt ? use domain name generator

When you got out of domain name ideas and suggestions, then the name generator is the best option. These are online tools with the express purpose of helping come up with domain names. You type in keywords or phrases, the generator spits out a list of names.

The best generators are :

End point

You’ve got a lot to think about right now, so there’s a final piece of advice you should follow: Don’t rush it. But don’t procrastinate too long, either.

It might take sometimes but , if you will get a good domain then it may change your turn.

If you thought of a perfect domain name, register your new Domain and Build your brand!

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