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How to make a startup company successful with 6 Steps (in 2020

by Dibyajyoti

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

You have ideas and dreams, right?

Who doesn’t actually? Everyone have a idea but don’t know how to implant.

Some might start with their ideas to convert it as a business, but only 29% get success after all.


There’s a big difference between having a great idea and creating a successful startup company.

But even if you failed, there’s nothing wrong at all! You should have learn something from the failures. Every time you failed you have learned something.

Even if you have guts to make your start-up successful, then here the 6 Steps to make it possible.

Understand the flow of market


Have you noticed the flow of customers’ needs? If you would offer something that customers don’t want to buy or not perfect fit for the market, then there will be no second chance.

Around 46% companies would fail, because the lack of the market fit. They couldn’t provide what market want. Even some big companies do market research but they couldn’t do it widely.

You may have a better product or service which well-received at the start,but only to later find out it doesn’t have the level of support you need to be successful. Successful startups know that an initial idea or product concept that can fit the market very well and adjusted afterward as per the needs. The sooner you understand product-market fit, the better your foundation for success will be.

Proper Cost Management

As per CBS almost 70% business will fail because of out of capital. Only way to save yourself from out of cash by proper financial management.

  When starting new website start with just cheapest and good looking website instead of fancy $1000 website. Create ad campaign of $10 instead of $500. By those things you will gain experience of things.

By small mistakes, you will learn at a lower cost and stay dynamic.

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Viral Marketing


After creating successful business setup, it’s time to do marketing. With the usual marketing it will take long time for user flow. The best solution is viral marketing.

It is one of the best way for get your message out and have it spread.

Viral marketing is holy grail for small scale business and start-ups.

Trust Flow

Trust flow is the hardest thing for the business. Why user will buy from you or use your product? Why user won’t get that from branded company?

  Users need to trust on your products and shouldn’t think about other brand. But How ?

Before users buy your product or use your services give them a taste of your product for free to ensure the best quality. Once user get to know the quality, next time they will come to you. But some cases trust flow can be created artificially via ads and giveaways.

Feedback is the key for success


When you offering a product or service to customer, you must understand the quality and how is the quality. Quality vary person to person and create a best quality mean all will like the product. But how you will know about your product quality? Feedback is the best way to understand your product quality.

Take it seriously and work to improve and make the product better. Try to improve your product even if the feedback are positive.

Don't give up

Business is not for all and specially for risk takers.

Those persons, who can’t take risk are not capable for business.

To be an successful entrepreneur, you must have qualities and capabilities.

Business will go through lots of hurdles. Sometimes it will  be touching peak and sometimes it will go in loss. But you should always strong enough to go through all those problem.

The main flow of start-up is Set-up>market flow understanding and provide as needed > Marketing and promotion > Creating Brand > Trust Flow > Feedback reconsideration for Better Product > Provide better product = Successful marketing

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