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Apple iPhone 11, is it worth it?

by Alyssa

The upcoming iPhone, rumored to be called the iPhone 11, is in the making and customers can’t help but wonder, what makes this model different from the rest?


Successor to the iPhone XS, the iPhone 11 will become Apples new flagship phone, making it their key product for increasing revenues.  Apple has already lowered their anticipated revenue estimate from $93 billion to $84 billion. The reason for the $9 billion drop? Not enough iPhone sales. With such high stakes, the iPhone 11 had better be the best we’ve seen or Apple will have to lower the price in order to stay competitive. So far, all information is based on rumors and leaks, as the newest iPhone has yet to be released. Apple expects to release the iPhone 11 in Fall of 2019. Following the iPhone 11 could be the iPhone 11 max and iPhone 11R.

What are the improvements?

The most notable feature of the iPhone 11 may be the new camera setup. Leaked images show a unique three-camera array, replacing the simpler back camera that previous iPhone had. It is rumored that this triple lens camera style will increase picture and video quality and may even boost Apples augmented reality vision. Another possibility is that the front camera will improve from 7MP to 12MP. For every megapixel (MP) it increases the photo quality by adding another one million pixels to the image quality. A 12 MP camera can, therefore, produce images with 12 million pixels to make sharper and better images. Some sources say that the triple lens camera will only be available on the higher end models of 2019.


Another rumored design style removes the three camera block and instead has a central camera at the top of the phone. The front camera would be a similar style to the iPhone XS. This style seems less likely as there have been more leaks containing the three-camera array.

Size of the iPhone 11 is rumored to have a 5.8 inch screen with measurements of 143.9 x 71.4 x 7.8mm (the square camera bump may extend to approximately 9mm). Yet, each source seems to suggest different screen sizes so we can’t be certain about the exact measurements of the iPhone 11.

Face ID is rumored to be improving as well, possibly offering wider angles to work with. Another source also mentioned that the iPhone 11 could use sub-epidermal scanning to strengthen the current Face ID style. Sub-epidermal would allow the front camera to scan below the skins surface, targeting the veins and blood vessels in your face. This would help increase Face ID security. Another rumor is that touch ID will be improved to scan your fingerprint on any point of the screen instead of the current design. However, some sources claim that 3D touch has been removed from the iPhone 11 plans.


Sub-epidermal scanning may be able to distinguish the difference between identical twins.

 A USB-C port has also been mentioned as a possibility for the iPhone 11. With a USB-C port, we could expect faster charge time as well as other features. Not only could the iPhone 11 charge faster, but it may also have a larger battery. Some sources state that the battery could be 20-25% bigger than the one in the iPhone XS. Supply chain sources hint that the upcoming iPhone will have an A13 chip built by TSMC on a ‘7nm+’ process. The A13 chip could provide iPhone users with even more options with augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

The Apple iPhone 11 will be equipped with iOS 13. According to Apple, iOS 13 will make the system faster, safer, and will update apps that are used on a daily basis.

It isn’t determined yet, but Apple may be increasing the waterproof qualities of the iPhone. Apple is experimenting with technology that would allow the iPhone screens to be usable in rain or even underwater. These improvements may not be seen with the iPhone 11 but could be possible for future iPhones.


Other adjustments with the new iPhone may be brighter colors for eye appeal to hesitant customers, a faster model than Apples previous phones, and the reverse wireless charging feature. This feature would allow iPhone 11 users to charge a friend’s iPhone or Apple Watch wirelessly.

Some sources are saying to hold off on buying the newest iPhone this year because the 2020 iPhone have a high probability to be the best in years. Depending on which rumors come to pass, the iPhone 11 may or may not be a smart buy. 

Apple iPhone 11, is it worth it?
Article Name
Apple iPhone 11, is it worth it?
The upcoming iPhone, rumored to be called the iPhone 11, is in the making and customers can't help but wonder, what makes this model different from the rest? Can this model going to beat all flagship killer?

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