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When we think about smart phones with a stylus, so only one name comes in mind that is Samsung. As for many years, Samsung has been one of the only company to feature a smart phone with a stylus. But now Motorola is going to give competition to Samsung with the new Moto G Stylus a smart phone with stylus. Earlier Motorola launched all new fold-able moto razr  But Moto G stylus is budget friendly smart phone with stylus only for about $ 300 as you know that Samsung note series including the new note 10 lite are too much expensive.

At that price point, Motorola will give you the best feature as much as possible Qualcomm Snapdragon 665chipset with 4 GB of RAM AND 128 GB of storage capacity with micro SD card slot. It will have 6.64 inch FHD+Display 4000 mAh battery giving you 10 w fast charging.

Specifications related to camera, Motorola G stylus features a triple sensor array o the back with 48 MP main camera, 2 MP macro camera and the same 16 MP sensor used on the Motorola One Action which captures 117 degree wide angel video. For taking selfie, you will get 16 MP front facing camera.

By doing comparison to last year’s Moto G 8 options this phones will be the modest upgrade the option of Stylus paint that is going to be included makes it totally different version. Unluckily, the stylus doesn’t use the same technology as Samsung does. Motorola includes Moto Note app for hand written notes & stylus gives you a finer point than your finger would for touch on phone.

The stylus that Motorola has included doesn’t have air gestures, different level of sensitivity or a customizable button to that it can be used as a remote for the camera or other features, and it’s still quite useful for those who are looking for a second option for their phones. Smart phones stylus are quite popular accessories these days even though it is difficult to carry them around since only Samsung’s note devices have had a place to store them in phone.

The Motorola G stylus changes all that, bringing the stylus with smart phone that too in a friendly budget in $300. Motorola’s Razr might be getting more attention. The latest model The Moto G power & Moto G stylus will give your thinking a different direction.

Both are very similar phones. Both use QUALCOMM snapdragon 655 chipset with 4 GB of RAM with 6.4 inch display. The new models don’t have a teardrop notch but instead of it holes punched in their top left corners reveals 16 MP front facing camera.

At $249 Moto G power is less expensive of the two with tremendous battery life that Motorola rate for up to 3 days of continuous use that is 5000 mAh battery.

Moto G Power hands on/9 photos-

Moto G model also uses triple camera system with 16 MP main sensor, 8 MP wide angle camera, 2 MP macro camera giving your pictures elegant & attractive look with clarity.

Moto G power has got importance due to tremendous battery but Moto G stylus is more interesting of the two. The stylus is away from galaxy note’s S pen but this step taken by Motorola will be an interesting step. Also Motorola highlighted few additional uses for the pen such as it allows to select part of photo you would like to animate etc. Moto G stylus hands on/ 6 photos

By these 2 latest models, Motorola has taken unique step by creating special features with affordable smart phones and commitment on delivering the basics remains clear. It’s just that this year Motorola seem intent on refining what “basic” actually mean, & plenty of people stand to benefit from that shift in strategy.

As Samsung smart phones are expensive so according to my point of view the latest models of Motorola that is Moto G power & Moto G stylus will give you up gradation with affordable price in range of $300.

It will not give you the best results as Samsung does but you will get maximum features in affordable price.

So for the pocket friendly its best to go with Moto G-A offering you the smartest technology with affordable price. Also we can say that it will be alternative of galaxy under $300. So stay tuned for more information and also comments about this.

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