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The Galaxy Note 10 S Pen

by Alyssa

Announced at the unpacked event in August 2019, along with the Samsung Galaxy Note10/10+, comes the redesigned S Pen. This pen stylus has enhanced features to improve augmented reality, air actions, camera modes, and so much more. 

Starting off with a few design changes, the S Pen feels more balanced and lightweight than previous models. Its design is small and slides easily insde the phone for safe keeping. Another nice feature is, after only 6 minutes of charge time, the S Pen will gain 10 hours of standby time. 

AR Doodle

The Galaxy Note 10 uses the Snapdragon 855 chipset to improve AR functions. Using the new video editor, the S Pen can help you draw in 3D, add images, and write on your videos.

With AR Doodle, you can draw on moving images and your edits will essentially stick to that surface. Facial coordination algorithms allow the features you add to people’s faces to move as they move. Even if the person leaves the frame and then returns, the drawings will repopulate. This feature is mostly for fun and laughs with family and friends. 

Text converter allows you to hand write messages with the S Pen and then convert them to standard text. This simplifies the process and allows you to copy, paste, and share your notes. You can even hand write notes and export the text version to Microsoft Word. Even when the phone screen is off, you can write with a variety of colors and then save the screen to Samsung Notes or pin them to Always on Display. Another nice feature is the ability to save the ink color and thickness to a style you prefer.

Air Actions

Air actions make it easier to control the Note10 without actually touching it. Here is a list of actions that can be done and what results will occur.

  • Clockwise/Counterclockwise: Shift through camera modes and take photos.
  • Side to side: Travel through photos in the gallery or flip through slides of a PowerPoint.
  • Up or Down: Adjust volume settings without touching the phone.

The S Pen is not just a tool for writing, it is also a remote for your music and videos, a way to adjust and take photos without touching your phone, and navigator through your gallery or PowerPoint. 

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