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In a durability test the hinge on Motorola’s new Razr ‘broke’ after 27,000 folds

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In Durability test the Hinge on Motorola’s new Razr “Broke” after 27,000 folds

After a short delay in its release date, the new Motorola Razr is going to be finally available. It is a foldable phone. Due to last year issue of original Galaxy Fold the long term durability of foldable phones remains in question.

As we know today the smart phones are developing day by day each company is trying their best to add new features to phone so same happened with Motorola Razr. CNET snatched up a Razr on 08/02/2020 & live streamed a durability test. In this the phone was put in a device called FoldBot with goal of reaching 100,000 folds but unluckily, the shiny new phone came nowhere close to that goal but the hinge mechanism broke after 27,000 folds. The galaxy fold could survive the CNET TEST it resisted 100,000 fold without any problem for over 11 hours last years but Motorola Razr could not survive same test.

After developing a clicking noise when folding, it developed a ‘hitch’ with the hinge appearing to fall out of; the alignment automated folding machine was unable to close the device correctly. Still the screen was not damaged & still working also the phone was not exploded.

As these test can’t be used for correct interpretation of its usage as this device was made for testing the galaxy fold. With Americans checking their phones an average 80 times per day 27000 hinge activation amount less than one year of use.

According to latest update, CNET admitted that the FoldBot might not have been aligned correctly for the Razr since it was originally designed for its Galaxy Fold test. “It’s hard to say if it’s a factor of the machine not being quite tuned properly to hold the phone”, said CNET,S Chris Parker. He explained that Square Trade, the Company that made the FoldBot, did what it could to modify the machine for the Razr using only specific numbers. It did not get a chance to put an actual phone in the device to test its calibration.

Now after such things what questions comes in your mind so let us see some common queries that may come in your mind after reading this

Will the phone last more than a year?

So answer to this question is yes the Razr will probably last more than a year as hinge broke after 27000 consecutive folds without a pause, it is highly likely that Razr’s hinge will endure many more openings than that with proper case.

Will it last as long as the Galaxy Fold?

May be Without knowing if the FoldBot was at fault for the breakage, it is hard to make a fair judgement on Razr’s comparative durability.

According to my point of view this test is not a conclusive about its durability as both models are different having different features so we have to look also to it before making any judgement and also the best use depends on its user practically if users handle their smart phone with utmost care so it will be long lasting also with best performance.

For future reviews and more updates related to it stay tuned to it also shares your valuable comments on it.

And for more information see the video from url https://youtu.be/HVOb9mgAgdU

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