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Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Release Date and Leaks

by Alyssa

Sumsung’s newest flagship phone will be released on August 7th, 2019. This release date was announced at a Galaxy Unpacked event in New York. Despite the upcoming release date, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may not be available in stores until the end of August. 

The approximated cost of the Note 10 is expected to be more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The cost could be around $1,200

It appears there may be up to three note phones released including the flagship phone. The possible names for these phones are the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+ (or Galaxy Note 10 Pro), and the Galaxy Note 10 5G.

Expectations for the Note 10


Rumored color choices of the Note 10 are red, gradient silver, black, white, and pink. Leaks seem to suggest that the lavender color offered for the Note 9 will not be available for Note 10.

Typically with Samsung flagship phones, the model is waterproof. It can be expected that the Note 10 will also be water resistant. 

Camera Setup

Leaked images show a single front facing camera while the rear camera may have from three to six lenses. The camera appears to be located on the rear left corner of the phone, yet some leaked images show the camera in the center. The front facing camera style also is not consistent as many leaked images show different designs. It appears that the camera features are one of the most noticeable differences between the Note 9 and Note 10. However, it is rumored that the Note 10 camera could be better than the Samsung galaxy S10. 


Estimated sizes of the Note 10 range from a 6.3 inch screen to a 6.6 inch screen. It is expected that the Galaxy Note 10+ (Note 10 Pro) will be larger than the regular Note 10, estimating around a 6.75-6.8 inch screen. 

The Note 10 will be a larger, yet thinner model of the Note 9. Estimated dimensions are 161.6 x 77.4 x 7.9 mm

Amoled Display

Having a phone with Amoled Display means faster activation and higher resolution of pixels in your phone. An Amoled display will emit less light while in a dark room when compared to LCD Screens. It is rumored that the Note 10 will have a curved Super Amoled screen. With a Super Amoled display, even colors look better because of higher saturation. 

Headphone Jack

The debate about whether the Note 10 will have a headphone jack is still unanswered. Some sources claim that Samsung has eliminated the headphone jack in the Note 10 phones as a way to increase battery capabilities. However, other sources claim that there will be a headphone jack. Leaked images of the Note 10 as well as images of phone case seems to indicate that the headphone jack will still be included with the new phone, yet we can’t know for sure. 

Along with the possible removal of the headphone jack is the elimination of push buttons. There are rumors that the Bixby button will be removed as well as buttons for volume control. Volume control could be replaced by touch sensitive bars. Many leaked images show that push buttons still exist on the Note 10, so these rumors may not be true. 

Just as the Galaxy S10 has an inscreen fingerprint scanner, the Note 10 may also be equipped with that feature. 

Storage and Processor

Some sources state that the Note 10 will have 12GB of ram and a chipset of either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820.

It has recently been leaked that the Note 10 may not have a card slot to add extra storage to the phone. The elimination of a MicroSd card slot may have been an option because of the rumored increase of storage. The Note 10 may have 128GB of storage while the Pro could have up to 256 GB. 

Sound on Display (SoD)

Sound-on-Display (SoD) may also be in store for the Note 10. Instead of a front facing speaker, SoD will vibrate the screen as a way to create sound. 

Fast Charger

Rumors about a fast charger for the Note 10 are also prevalent. A possible upgrade from the 4,000mAh battery in the Note 9, the Note 10 may have a 4,170mAh – 4,500mAh battery. It is also rumored that the Note 10 will have 45W fast charging, which is much improved when compared to the 15W of the Galaxy S10. Some leaks state the Note 10 battery will not exceed 25W.

S Pen

Along with the Note 10, it is very likely an S Pen will be included with the upgrades. It seems likely that the Note 10 S Pen would be Bluetooth. Also, there may be possible upgrades to the S Pen, one of which includes gesture control.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaks and Updates
Article Name
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaks and Updates
Samsung is pushing its next galaxy note series to market on August 7th, as per rumors it will be equipped with the Latest Snapdragon 8 series and Exynos 9 Series. The S-pen and sound on display can be expected.

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