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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Release Date and Features

by Alyssa

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active was just recently released in April of 2019. Not even six months later, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, is expected to be released September 27th of 2019. What makes this watch different than its predecessor? 


To begin, the Active2 will come with multiple models. With two new sizes, a 40 mm model and a 44mm model, Bluetooth or LTE connected, and either aluminum or stainless steel, the Active2 has a lot more comfort and eye appealing options. One thing to note is that the LTE models will only be available in stainless steel. 

Currently, prices appear to be as follows. 

  • 40mm – $280
  • 44mm – $300

It has been mentioned that the Stainless steel models will cost more than the starting costs of aluminum models. Samsung has not yet released how much the LTE versions will cost. When compared to the Apple Watch Series, the Active2 is just a cheaper version of a similar product.

The Active2 can be paired with both Android phones as well as iOS phones

You can choose either a rubber or leather strap. Color choices include blue, pink, black, and gray.  

Style Features

The Active2 is thinner and lighter than Samsung’s previous wearable models. The watch face will be partially curved and super AMOLED, meaning that the Active2 will have higher definition with brighter colors and more pixels for an even better quality display. 

It has the same dust and water resistance rating as previous models (IP68 rating) so there will be no changes in that aspect. 

A feature a lot of people are interested in is whether or not the Active2 will have a rotating bezel. According to Samsung, the Active2 will have a “digital bezel.” Instead of a rotating disk around the watch face, it has been replaced with a touch bezel. This touch sensitive strip allows you to scroll without having an actual dial to turn. To imitate the familiar rotating bezel click, it will emit a buzz as you use the digital bezel. This option allows you to explore the watch menus and screens without having to touch or swipe on the screen.

Fitness Tracking

  • Doubling the Active, the Active2 has eight LED based heart rate monitors.This allows more accurate readings because it will be able to sample your heartbeats at a much faster rate. 
  • Includes an ECG (electrocardiogram) sensor which records passageways of heart and muscles. By doing so, it can relate the hearts response to physical exertion. The ECG scanner is still in trial stages and has not yet been FDA approved. Most likely, when the Active2 is first released, ECG will not yet be an option. 
  • A running coach will be available to offer better pacing during runs. You simply have to set a goal and the coach will help you reach it, either encouraging you to go faster or pace yourself. 
  • Up to 24 exercise activities can be prerecorded which will offer real time information about your exercise. 
  • After or between workouts, Active2 will offer you breathing exercises. Samsung has partnered with the Calm app so all of your data will be shared with them. 
  • All health and fiteness data can be shared with Apple Health, Google Fit, and other platforms. This is made possible because of samsung’s health app, Samsung Helath. 

Other Features

Just in case you ever need it, the Active2 has a built in voice translator. It also has the ability to connect to and play videos from YouTube. All features are available; play, pause, rewind, fast forward. The Active2 can also support offline syncing of Spotify playlists. 

Battery Life – It will be equipped with a 230mAh battery. This means that, with light use, the watch should be able to last approximately two days without charging it. However, if you used features like YouTube, the battery would probably drain much faster. 

My Style – A customization tool that allows you to select the perfect homescreen to match with your outfit. Simply take a picture of your outfit and My Style will offer you five background choices that will accompany your clothing colors.

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