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In 2019, if you were fan of foldable phone released by Samsung that is Samsung galaxy fold so you will be elated to know that Samsung has multiple foldable phones in work that will be released in 2020. So get ready for new surprise that is going to come in 2020 by Samsung Company releasing more foldable phones in 2020.

As we were expecting Galaxy Z flip foldable phone to be available along with Samsung Galaxy S20 on 11th February 2020 after date being released there is one more surprising element we have heard that Samsung might release the Galaxy fold series that is Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung Strategy to Launch Even More Foldable Phones in 2020:

As today we will not talk about a specific device, but about the strategy of Samsung to release more foldable phones in 2020 as Galaxy Fold got high success rate so company in 2020, can release more foldable phones apart from 3 in 2020.

First there were more rumours regarding this but now this confirmation from Samsung suggests that we could actually see a variety of foldable phones in 2020.

The CEO of Samsung, DJ KOH, leaves us surprise with interesting statement. He said at the conference that in 2020, users would see a lot of foldable devices. So this gives us clues that the possible production of Samsung will be aimed at launching more foldable phones. This is new technology that surprise in its each new release. As last device Motorola foldable phone which has unique design. Motorola is stick to foldable mobile & not tablet that can be deployed. So Samsung can also follow this strategy with some unique features making it special.

So from confirmation given by Samsung we can expect more foldable phones in 2020 apart from Galaxy Z flip, Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.So stay tuned for more information related to it.

According to me as the era is changing so with this foldable technology the work of users will become easy as it can be carried anywhere for work giving stylish look to phone with big display so this will be innovative in itself.

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