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The best laptops under $500 (in 2020)

by Aria S
looking at the budget of $500, can get you very good laptop and won’t let you down

Choosing laptop at a affordable price is very hard in terms of usability. As you aren’t paying premium price, that not mean you can’t find a better machine. But you can find almost perfect laptop for all day work. We have tested dozens of laptops to find out which one is the best one.

We have tested laptop and chosen best out of the factors:

1.  Performance
2.  Battery Life
3. Weight
4. Latest and updated windows
5. Storage
6. RAM


The best laptops under $500 you can buy today

8. HP 17

The Updated : DELL INSPIRON 3593

This newest model has back color which give your laptop a smart and
professional look. It comes with display of 15.6 inch full HD anti glare LED backlit. The battery life is around 5 to 6 hours.
It runs WINDOWS 10 due to 10 TH Generation Intel Core i5 Ice Lake processor with 8 GB of RAM & 256/512 GB of storage that gives maximum space for storing users data and their files, so if you are crazy to buy this laptop so go ahead and buy it on buying from dell it comes in $519 only the best price with best and new features.

Best Performance:ACER ASPIRE 5


This laptop gives you best performance as you expect with cheap price
It’s comes with 15.6 Inch FULL HD LED Display with 4 GB of RAM and along with that it offers storage
capacity of 128 GB.
It has AMD RYZEN 3,3200 U dual core.

The only drawback of it is that it has poor graphics. But you can push it hard in terms of day to day workload with amazing 8-9 Hours of battery life.

The Touchscreen Laptop: HP pavillion 15T


It’s all rounder in its performance and powered by Intel Core I5-103 SG1 PROCESSOR.
The CPU of this laptop has set a benchmark with its excellent performance and energy usages.
It comes with 15.6 inch HD touch screen backlit display and 8 GB of RAM. The 512 GB of hybrid HDD is one of the best features in this laptop.

As all of the touch screen laptop have same issue with battery life, 15T can get you around 6 Hours usages times and 24 hours of standby time.

Ideal for Students: SAMSUNG CHROMEBOOK 3


It comes with 8GB  RAM and 32 GB of storage capability. It is based on Google chrome operating system.

It is affordable with excellent battery life about 10 hours. the 11 inch screen allows to do multitasking. It is best for note taking, business note, video call (got almost perfect camera) and watching videos. The only drawback is the low sounding speakers.

Best business Laptop: LENOVO IDEAPAD S340


It comes with 14 In full HD Display and Ideal for business purpose and identical to previous series of Idea pad.
The processor used in this laptop is 10th Generation Intel Core I5 Quad-Core and packed with 8 GB of RAM and storage capacity of 256 GB.
Maximum battery life is about 10 hours and preloaded with Windows 10 operating system.

Best convertible Laptop: HP PAVILION X360


This convertible laptop comes with all metal chassis.With a 15 inch full HD display and it offers you multi tasking operations to carry along with stunning visuals, Ideal for photo editing.

It comes with 8 GB OF DDR4 RAM & storage capacity of 1 TB of 5400 RPM HDD.
Operating system is WINDOWS 10 and the battery life of about 6 to 7

Premium performance with budget: ASUS VIVO BOOK 15

It comes with display of 15.6 inches and the 8th Gen INTEL Core i3 Processor.
The beast have gotten DDR4 8 GB RAM & 128 GB of storage.
The laptop have very good cooling solution with best in class port selection of  type C ,USB 3.1 , Type A, USB 2.0, HDMI Port.

The fromal: HP 17


This laptop comes with display of 17.3 Inches full HD display with all new HP’S bright view technology, that provides you excellent brightness and crisp visuals.
Powered by INTEL Core i5 Processor with 8 GB of RAM along with 256 GB of storage capacity.
Battery life of 6 hours with all essential ports with WINDOWS 10
Operating system, is not a bad choices at all


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