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What is LSI (latent Semantic Indexing) & Why it is an effecting SEO Factor

by Dibyajyoti

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, are conceptually related terms for search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc ) use to understand the topic and category. In short , it finds the latent (hiden) relationship between words (semantics) in order to understanding contents (indexing). Another way if your keywords are Twitter , Facebook, Instagram, likes, Share then search engines will understand that page as social. Those affecting keywords are known as LSI keywords.

Why LSI Keywords are Important ?

In the early days search engines used the exact keywords matching , more use of synonyms to show results .

Example- If search engine find keyword “social media ” then it will think “this page is all about social media”. It will be categorized  as social media in SERp.


That’s why using main keywords was important that day. But the ages of “keywords matches and synonymy ” is gone.

But in present days, they prefer crawling your whole website to find keywords and understand it deeply . Simply, they understanding your page’s overall topic .


after those examples , I hope you have got overall idea about LSI keywords and how search engine relies on it . Let’s understand it broadly ..

You published the page about “Best Use of Social Media” ..But how exactly Search engine will scan it and which areas?

Here is the answer…


Yet , search engine will search for LSI keywords for better understanding. After finding all those , they will rank you in SERps accordingly .


After those examples you must understand , that latent semantic indexing keywords aren’t synonyms or alternative. They are nearly close meaning to them or they are being used in the same field.

For example, You chose word “Bathing” , you might think “Showering” will be the lsi keyword , Right ?

NO , “Showering” is only a synonym of “Bathing”. Don’t worry about it, you can use them for Page-SEO boost. But , we need to find the LSI keywords , which are “soap” , “towel” , “brush” , “bath-tub” , etc.

Coming to next question..

How to find LSI keywords?

Search Engine Autocomplete

Search Engine Autocomplete is the one of the fastest and easiest way to get LSI keywords.

When you will type “bathing” , it will get you some suggestive phrases with some words bold. Those are most search history also some of are LSI keywords , Google, one of  the favorite search engine can be used as LSI keywords generator .


Using Keywords tool and Neil's Ubersuggest

When You need bit more extras then just suggested keywords , then Keywords tool and Ubersuggest is very good tools at it.


LSi graph and free lsi keywords

f you are looking for only LSI keywords insight and long trail keywords , then those two free tools are for you .


You can trust on those both tools as they are SEO tools as well . Just type your keyword/s and rest on the tool. Within a sec it will show you right LSI keywords.


Technically those two tools are keywords generator as well as keyword research tools.

Talking about Keywords research and indexing . One of the best tools for the same is SEMRush , although it is Freenium but you can get Free trail by clicking here.

SEMRush have all in one seo solution , you can get your:

Semantic search , Webpage information retrieval , Piece of content and much more. Also It is a great tool for competitor analysis & target keyword planner .

Try it Here For free(IF the search bar didn’t shown please turn off adBlocker and Refresh)


Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner , One of the best Keywords tool . It is also widely used by all types of blogger as it shares data right from google database.

When you search for targeted keywords , it also shows you lsi keywords , synonyms , variation . You can use URL to find lsi keywords from the webpage.


Searches related to bottom bar

As we talked earlier about the autocomplete earlier, related to also same free and easiest way to find LSI keywords. But instead of mostly used terms, they shows related searches .


Finally let’s talk about the geeky way (goldmine of lsi keywords), The Image Search engine. When you search for image in google/bing/ image search they got some of the LSI words at top .


Those are all simple(effective)  ways for better LSI keywords.

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